Vector Tooling Technologies is proud to announce the addition of a Leica AT930 to its inspection department. This cutting edge technology will allow us to inspect larger tools that fully utilize our machining centers capacity.


The AT930 expands our inspection window, from a 9 foot sphere with the leapfrog requirement for larger tools, to a volume of 120 meters! This acquisition is exactly what Vector Tooling Technologies was looking for to propel us into the realm of larger, tighter tolerance products. One of the things that really sold Vector on the AT930 was the quick target lock provided by PowerLock, because hunting down that laser when the lock is broken is a major time waste. The unit also offers full WiFi compatibility, optional battery power, a streamlined, compact design, and an optimal accuracy rating.


In addition, the AT930 allows us to interface our Faro Arm using Verisurf, allowing us to inspect difficult parts that wouldn’t be possible with a single setup of the tracker. This also allows us to scan large scale parts using our Faro Laser Line Probe without the inaccuracy of a typical leapfrog, instead relying on the high accuracy of the tracker to keep track of where the arm is in space. Follow us for more detail on how we plan to use these two pieces of equipment in tandem and updates on the real story of how well it actually works in our chosen applications.


Contact us at quotes@vec-tec.com for more information!