Shipment & Delivery

Supplier shall prepare and package all shipments to prevent damage and/or deterioration. Charges for shipping and related activities are included in Order price unless otherwise specified. As specified by Vector Tooling Technologies (VTT) purchase order, all deliveries shall meet expected quantities, schedule, and quality. Supplier shall immediately notify Vector of any expected or actual delays.


Supplier Approval

Supplier may not offload sourced work without written approval from VTT. VTT requires that all specifications, characteristics and requirements stated in purchasing documents flow down to sub-tier suppliers. Sub-tier suppliers may be subject to approval by VTT and/or its customers before sourcing.


Right of Entry

Supplier shall allow VTT representatives, VTT customer representatives, and regulatory agencies right of entry to their facilities and all records pertaining to current and past orders.


Digital Product Definition (DPD)

Any DPD control requirements of VTT customers shall flow down to supplier. Supplier shall conform to requirements set forth in the purchase order, or other transmitted documentation, in pursuance with this flow down. Supplier shall have a DPD control system in place that has been approved and documented by VTT.


Furnished Materials

All materials furnished to supplier, such as mylar, blueprints, tooling or others, are to be returned upon order completion with product deliverable.



Supplier shall maintain controls and perform all inspections and tests required to record and confirm a product’s conformance to requirements VTT flows down. The most current revision of files, drawings, and process specifications shall be used as specified in the purchase order or applicable documents. If not listed in the purchase order, the latest revision is to be used.


Non-Conforming Material

Non-conformance of product is to be reported to VTT immediately for disposition. VTT will dictate rejection, use-as-is, or rework as required. All costs due to non-conformance are the responsibility of the supplier. VTT reserves the right to recover any costs incurred due to nonconforming products from the responsible supplier(s), this includes material defects that are discovered during or after VTT manufacturing and/or machining operations.


Counterfeit Parts

In the event supplier becomes aware of counterfeit or suspect parts, they are to let VTT know, asap. If counterfeit/suspect parts are delivered and/or are found in any goods delivered, such items will be contained by VTT. The supplier shall promptly replace any counterfeit/suspect parts with acceptable ones. Supplier will be liable for any and all cost to VTT for replacing/removing counterfeit items.


Notification of Changes

Where applicable, notify VTT of changes in products and/or processes, changes of suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility location or top management.


Inspection, Measuring, and Test Equipment

Supplier shall maintain inspection, measurement, and test equipment such that calibration traceable to N.I.S.T or approved standards is maintained and recorded. These records must made available to VTT when requested. Further requirements may be specified in the VTT Purchase Order.



Supplier is responsible for documenting and providing all necessary certifications dictated by purchasing documents and engineering data. These certifications shall reflect that all requirements, including material certification, and specifications have been met.



Supplier shall maintain records of work conducted for VTT.  Afore mentioned records shall be maintained for a minimum span of 5 years. Records shall include the certificate of conformance provided at delivery and all supporting and/or supplementary materials


Calibration Services

Calibration of inspection equipment shall be performed traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.). Certificates of calibration are required.



Information provided by VTT, including drawings, documents, models or other records, shall be considered confidential and shall not be disclosed by the Supplier or used for purposes other than performance of VTT orders unless written approval from VTT is obtained.


Additional Requirements

Any order requiring conformance to DFARS, DX, ITAR or other government ratings/requirements will be noted as such. Supplier shall be responsible for conformance to stated requirements/ratings when applicable. These requirements must be flowed down to any sub-tier supplier.


Feel Good Requirements

Not only are you as a supplier important to us, but also the product you create. Please be ethical, ensure safety and conformity to ensure happy customers.


Rev. 2, 1/30/18