Quality, leadership, and tooling knowledge provide a superior, more valuable product over a typical tooling company.






The foundation employees have hundreds of years of combined experience in all types of tooling, and have shown a consistent ability to offer exceptional solutions to customer’s problems.


Quality Personnel:

Vector employees have a history of integrity, honesty, and customer dedication that allows for the creation of long term, mutually beneficial customer-vendor relationships. Learn more about the Vector Quality Competitive Advantage.


Advanced Engineering:

Our engineering capabilities give us an edge over our competition; driven by some of the best tooling engineers in the industry. Vector uses creative design and material selection techniques to create the best designs in the industry. Our design capabilities can help keep your tooling programs on target.



Our company was founded on engaging versatile employees that are highly skilled in the various aspects of tooling. This versatility allows Vector to produce a large variety of tooling at a faster rate than other companies and also allows for the employees to have a better overview of the project and see to its success.


Diverse Capabilities:

At Vector, we take pride in the fact that we are able to perform most tool manufacturing tasks in-house at our 80,000 square foot, climate controlled facility. Our capabilities range from creative design in multiple software packages and a full array of machining techniques, to fabrication, tool building, inspection and other supporting areas. Learn more about our Lights Out Manufacturing Approach.


Motivation & Dedication: 

Through an array of performance-based incentives, Vector rewards its employees for their dedication to our customer’s projects. With these incentives, employees directly benefit from their work and have a vested interest in the performance of the company and the quality of the product it produces. Vector’s dedication to its employees creates a drive for product perfection that is unparalleled in the industry.


Overall Value: 

A strong combination of careful design techniques, application specific material selection, intelligent manufacturing processes, highly skilled employees and low overhead allow Vector to ensure that our customers receive the best tool, at a great value.


Considering a Project with Vector?

View customer testimonials showcasing what some of our satisfied customers have to say about our performance and ability to meet deadlines.


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