Quality Processes Improve Customer Experience & Company Performance


Developing quality measures through all aspects of product realization ensures we can deliver quality products to our customer on time. Developing quality into our processes ensures great performance for the company and creating an environment that is rewarding to work in. 


At Vector, we believe quality is much more than just the craftsmanship of the finished product; quality starts with the processes. From the moment we receive a customer’s engineering, each project is surrounded in quality processes.  Quality processes qualify the work to be performed and ensure to eliminate waste of “non-value added” task within each process.


Before projects are released to the floor, engineering and planning have developed a rigid timeline and vision for each facet of the project. Quality processes allow us to offer competitive lead times to meet stringent customer deadlines.


Quality is maintained through developing an internal culture that is focused just as much on the quality of a process as it is on the product. As a result our customer is going to receive a high quality product in the most efficient manner.


Team members at Vector continually seek ways to improve processes; allowing us to deliver superior products with shorter lead times than our competition.


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