Safety & ergonomics are a priority at Vector. Our staff can assist you in ensuring your employees have the work-holding tools they need to safely and effectively produce quality parts.


Work-Holding Solutions

As premier toolmakers in the aerospace industry, we have years of experience designing unique, innovative mill fixtures that support a number of heavy metal industries. Our designs are equipped to provide robust support for fixturing precision components. Our systems can range from a small rigid tool to complex positioning and fastening systems that use hydraulic and pneumatic operations for consistent and repeatable processes. Our assemblies are configured with quality components offered by industry trusted suppliers.


Work-Holding Solutions Include:

  • Hold Fixtures
  • Mill Fixtures
  • Quick Change Fixtures
  • NC Mill Fixtures
  • Single Point Zero


Tooling Designs Include:

  • Fail-Safe part loading features
  • Specific characteristics to validate part conformity
  • Reduce Cycle Times & Setup Times
  • Chip & Coolant evacuation
  • Tool Operation Schematics
  • Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)