Here at Vector we take the extra step in terms of Lights Out Manufacturing (LOM). In order to maximize our machine tools we strategically plan each week to optimize our LOM performance. LOM is something that is generally only thought of in either long programs or production runs. Our process incorporates spending our attended, daylight hours to run rough, drilling and tapping programs. While utilizing weekends and evenings for LOM to semi finish and finish. Our intuitive CNC equipment is coupled with high definition camera systems where we can monitor each machine from the touch of a button on smartphone or a PC.


LOM does just not happen by accident, it takes a rigorous amount of process controls and standardization in multiple facets to leave equipment running unattended and have exceptional results. Some of the equipment is specialized by nature and others are necessary to heighten the cost savings of LOM.


Variable Speed Air Compressors

Only produces air as required with fewer machines running LOM, additional cost savings.


Advanced Engineering

Tool design that ensures ease of manufacturability.


Programming & Verification

Utilization of programming techniques that include collision prevention systems & verification.



Machine Tools are equipped with standard library of tools that have strict operating conditions.


Tool Life Management

Tool life has been established to be able to produce accuracy and precision on finish programs.


Integrated Camera Systems

Machines are equipped with High-Definition cameras that can be viewed remotely.


Setup & Work-holding

We utilize various proven methods to ensure a stable foundation for machining including SMED.


Committed Employees

Employees that have skills and confidence to setup equipment to leave it running for LOM.


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